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Northern Hills Technology is a full-service tech support firm headquartered in Spearfish, SD. Serving the Black Hills area since 1997, we support residential and business clients in a wide variety of fields including medical, manufacturing, retail, construction, education, government and community non-profits.

Partnered with many of the world’s largest technology manufacturers, software developers and equipment distributors, we offer a wide array of products, licenses and services sure to precisely fit your operational needs.

Whether you have a small home office, or a large corporate network, the certified staff of Northern Hills Technology can ensure that your IT systems work reliably 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

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Quick Answers

Why is my computer making funny noises?
Computers have a LOT of moving parts including fans, drives and more. Occasionally these components wear out and need replacing. Most of the time if you hear a new noise coming out of your computer, it is imperative to get it in to our lab for computer repair.
I’m afraid I’ve lost all my data - can you help?
Our Data Recovery Services can often recover files, pictures and documents from even the most damaged drives. Let our lab technicians assess your damaged drive - today!
Can you help my business?
Most certainly! With over 18 years experience support businesses from single owners to global corporations, our technicians can architect a support solution that fits your needs. Whether you need computer repair, data recovery, network or wireless support, online backup or even need your own on-call IT support, we can help!
Do you fix Mac computers?
Yes we do! We are equal-opportunity repair technicians and don't discriminate based on manufacturer, operating system, color, screen size or even the number of stickers you choose to attach to your systems!
How long does it take to repair a computer?
Virus and malware cleanings typically take 24-48 hours. On rare occasion, we may need longer as we order parts (or clean a deeper infection).
I am plagued by pop-ups - what do I do?
Most likely your computer has an infection. Infections can range from minor annoyances to high-risk malware. Our technicians use state-of-the-art tools to diagnose and clean all infections from the system.
Can you come to my house to fix my computer?
Yes! We can come to your house. Please call us to schedule an appointment.

Computer, Network and Moral Support®

Northern Hills Technology provides a wide range of Computer and Network support services ranging from consulting and design to installation and repair. Offering services to both Businesses and Residential customers, we can meet your need - no matter the size or complexity! Read More