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Mysterious Computer Attacker

Over the course of a year, we often hear many funny stories why a computer is damaged or ill.

It was a one in a million shot doc...

Most of the time, the stories follow the same vein..."I wasn't paying attention and I dropped it", or "my kids were using it...I have no idea how that got on there!".  Recently however we received a call about some mysterious damage that the client's PC had experienced overnight.

"Have you ever seen this? I went to bed about 11 p.m. My wife was already in bed. My computer was intact sitting on my desk. When I awoke, got up to do my studies, I found my computer this way - the "e" & "s" keys popped off."

Then the client brought us the computer, they had bagged all the pieces for our "forensic" investigation.  After the examination revealed torn plastic and a couple mysterious black circular objects we made the determination that client had a mouse in the house that had jumped up on the counter and discovered a crumb under the keys.  After tearing up the keys, the culprit left it's "personal signature" of gratitude and disappeared into the night.

After a significant bit of laughter and discussion about just what to do with the mouse's "deposits", we were able to repair the keyboard and get the client back to work.

The moral of the story....don't eat at your keyboard - and if you do, blow the crumbs out!

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