Computer Sales

Desktops, Laptops, Servers & Network Equipment

Northern Hills Technology has established partnerships with many of the worlds largest computer manufacturers. Whether you need systems for a small business or large corporation, we can find the perfect system for your needs.

Computer Repair

We Make Computers Behave!

Computer repair and maintenance services performed by our lab techs ensure your computers stay in tip-top shape.

Malware & Virus Removal

We are Malware & Virus Killers!

Using cutting-edge technology and enterprise-grade software, Northern Hills Technology's Malware Removal Service detects and removes many types of malicious software on your computer. We can make your computer behave!

Data Recovery

Data gone? Upgrading Systems? We can help!

Computer hard drives can fail and unless you have utilized a rigorous backup procedure, your life's work may be in jeopardy. DON'T FEAR - in most cases we can help recover data off your drives in the event of a disaster or if you are just upgrading to a newer system.

Online Backup

Secure, Reliable & Consistent. Set it - and Forget it!

Northern Hills Technology offers the most secure and versatile cloud-based backup solution in the industry. No need to use backup tapes, USB disks, or trying to remember to secure your data. With our backup solution, you can - Set it and Forget it!

Managed Services

Flat Rate Tech Support

PROACTIVE monitoring and maintenance of all your IT and technology related services. Consider us your IT department that ensures you have peace of mind knowing that we are watching your systems to ensure reliable operations.

Office 365 Integration

Become connected, collaborative, and controlled.

Microsoft Office 365 removes the concept of "Small Business". Using the tools, capabilities and securities offered through the O365 cloud services businesses both large and small are experiencing the capabilities once only realized by large global organizations.


Connecting your Systems

Whether you operate a small home office or a large corporate network, our certified technicians can help architect and support your computer network. Get Connected - Stay Connected.

Technology Made Simple

Northern Hills Technology provides a wide range of Computer and Network support services ranging from consulting and design to installation and repair. Offering services to both Businesses and Residential customers, we can meet your need - no matter the size or complexity! Read More