Managed Services

Flat Rate Tech Support

PROACTIVE monitoring and maintenance of all your IT and technology related services. Consider us your IT department that ensures you have peace of mind knowing that we are watching your systems to ensure reliable operations.

Are you paying for IT support every time you have a problem? Do support calls cost more the longer they last? Are you able to budget what your IT support will cost? Can’t afford to have computer downtime?

Managed Services is the answer!

Fixed-fee IT management.

Our “all you can eat” Managed Services fees deliver a predicable cost for support of your IT systems. Have peace of mind when you know exactly home much you pay each month– no matter how many problems you have and no matter how much support you need.

Minimize your downtime and failures. 

We address smaller IT problems before they become expensive IT failures through our remote monitoring, alerting and support.

Reduce your IT support costs. 

The ability to connect and support your systems remotely allows us to take corrective action avoids expensive onsite visits and is the key to our Managed Services. Proactive maintenance means fewer issues and less “unexpected” onsite IT support.

Our Managed Services Approach:


Monitoring ensures that the most important functions and areas of your IT systems are running as expected. If an issue is detected, or systems begin to fail, our 24 / 7 / 365 monitoring systems will help us head off a problem before it impacts your business. Monitoring all aspects of your IT systems allows us to manage and support your business so you don’t have to!


Management encompasses a full “all you can eat” service whereby Northern Hills Technology assumes responsibility for the ongoing health of your IT systems. Proactive and scheduled maintenance utilizing remote and onsite support ensure that when issues arise, our technicians are equipped and ready to remedy the problems!

We've got your back!


Managed Services gives your business its own IT department – providing helpdesk support and management for your IT systems. We’re here to answer questions, fix problems and provide counsel. Whether providing telephone, remote or onsite support, breathe easy knowing it’s all covered under your monthly fee.

Managed Services Includes:

  • Guaranteed Response Times
  • 24 / 7 / 365 Monitoring
  • Unlimited Helpdesk, Remote and Onsite Support
  • Monthly Onsite Maintenance
  • Network Hardware Support
  • Network, Workstation and Server Patch Management
  • Application Support
  • Workstation Antivirus & Security Software Included!
  • User & Security Administration
  • Backup & Log Monitoring
  • Mobile Device Support

Let Northern Hills Technology remove your technology burden and ensure your systems work - every time! 

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