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Why Office 365 Changes Everything

Microsoft Office 365 is a technology that is becoming more and more a part of what we suggest as a "must have" tool for business.  

Microsoft offers a variety of options and variations within the Office 365 products, but essentially it boils down to paying a monthly fee for Microsoft Office VS shelling out a pile of cash for a boxed copy of Office. 

Because the new version is a monthly subscription (you can purchase it per/yr), the subscription comes with the ability to run the most current version of Office - no matter what that is!  We've seen organizations  in the area still running Microsoft Office 2003 (yes - that's 11 year old word processing software!), and while it may still "work", there are a TON of new features and options available within the new versions that increase productivity for a small business.

Enterprise Capacity

The 365 subscriptions offer a variety of applications that were once typically only operated by large enterprises with huge budgets.  Sharepoint, Exchange and a new product Lync - offer small businesses the capacity to operate document management systems, their "own" mail servers and secure interoffice chat software - all as part of their monthly Office subscription!  Microsoft maintains these products (no need to buy or install server hardware in your office!) and upgrades them as necessary - ensuring you don't bear the burden of maintenance!


Office 365 REALLY stands out in its ability to provide services on platforms that are becoming our "go-to" communication tools.  Office on the tablet and the cell phone create a system of business management that allows oversight, control and accessibility - no matter where you are!  Edit documents, share information and access resources - securely and while on the go.  


No matter what budget your office might have, there is a Microsoft Office product that will fit your business needs.  Starting at only $5 per month/user - and topping out at $20 per month/user, the plans are VERY affordable, and WILL change the way your office works.


Migration to the Office 365 platform is very easy.  Having performed office and mail migrations for many local businesses, the transition is seamless, the data secure, and in no time your business can be operating as though it were a fortune 500 company!

Contact our technicians today to learn more about the Office 365 platform and discover what it can do for you!

This is an unsolicited promotion of Microsoft's products.  We KNOW it can change your business - it did for us!

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