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Phone Scam - Fraud Alert!

We have recently seen a surge in clients that have been called by scammers pretending to offer technical support of the owner’s “infected” computer. The scammers claim to be from companies like Microsoft, Dell, HP, etc. and will tell you that they’ve detected multiple viruses or other problems with your computer and they need to provide remote support services in order to ensure the computer viruses are removed.

The goal of these con artists is to trick you into giving them remote access to your computer or paying for software/services that you don’t need! We have had reports of customers being fraudulently charged anywhere from $80 to $2000!

If this has happened to you, we strongly urge you to have your computer checked by a trusted technician who knows how to check for keyloggers, backdoors, or other malicious software that may have been left behind by the scammers. If you have provided them with your credit card number, you should immediately inform your credit card company to dispute the charge.

Companies like Microsoft or Dell will never initiate a computer support call!

Be careful when looking up phone numbers on the internet, there are many websites that claim to give you a telephone number to “Microsoft Support” but have no relationship to the real company.

When it comes to computer security you cannot be too careful. Give us a call - we'll ensure your systems are safe and secured!

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